Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom orders?

No we do not but we try to provide plenty of options to cater to your tastes.

Does this meal contain nuts, dairy, etc.?

If you are unsure and can not tell from the prodcut page, please contact us.

When and how do you deliver?

We do deliveries to your door twice a week. One delivery window on Sunday and Monday and again on Wednesday and Thursday.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all around the CDMX area. 

How do I heat the meals?

All meals can be microwaved. If you do not prefer the microwave you can alternatively heat via the stove or oven. Instructions for all options will be on the packaging. Please know heating times can vary depending on your microwave or oven.

How many days should I order for?

We recommend ordering for 3 days per delivery. Meals will have a shelf life of 3-5 days depending on the dish.

Can I pickup my order?

Not at the moment, but we will be offering this soon.

Can I change my delivery time?

Yes, you can. Please reach out to our customer service line to do so. We will do our best to accommodate changes in delivery times.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We offer a wide variety of meals which may accommodate your dietary restrictions that may include: vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Do I have to be home for the delivery?

You do not, so long as you have someone to receive the package. We do recommend getting your package into the refrigerator as soon as possible so your meals do not spoil.